Young Crypto Investors Choose Ripple’s XRP for Short-Term Gains

• Ripple has emerged as the most favored altcoin among young investors, exceeding Bitcoin and Ethereum’s appeal.
• Young investors favor altcoins over Bitcoin and Ethereum due to their more assertive investment strategies.
• Expert insights have hinted at a trend focused on agile gains over stability for this age group.

Altcoin Preference Among Young Investors

Research done by News1 Korea shows that investments in altcoin on Bithumb, a domestic virtual asset exchange with 6 million users, constitute only 17.5%. However, amongst those in their twenties, 82.5% of investments went towards altcoins excluding Ethereum. This demonstrates a more aggressive investment strategy compared to older age groups and indicates an inclination towards short-term gains over long-term strategies.

Ripple’s Popularity Amongst Investors

Amongst these young investors, Ripple emerged as the most favored altcoin choice capturing 20.7% of total investments made towards altcoins. This exceeded the allocation for Bitcoin and Ethereum by 3.2 percentage points and remained consistent across various age groups making it the leading choice for those in their twenties (20.7%), followed by thirties (17%), fifties (14.9%), sixties or older (13.8%) and forties (11.8%).

Preference For Bitcoin & Ethereum Amongst Thirties

The only age group that leaned more towards Bitcoin and Ethereum was the thirties cohort with an allocation of 28%, nearly reaching 30%. This suggests that this demographic is seeking more stable returns in comparison to younger investors who are looking to make quick profits from market fluctuations .

Agile Gains Over Stability

Kim Dong-hwan, the CEO of Wonderframe mentioned that “It appears [young] investment orientation is aimed at reaping short-term gains rather than fostering long-term investment strategies” highlighting their agility in responding promptly to transient market dynamics thus indicating their preference for short term maneuvers over extended periods of time .


Overall, this analysis reveals an interesting trend amongst young crypto investors favoring riskier investments with higher potential rewards such as Ripple instead of opting for more secure options like Bitcoin or Ethereum which are favoured by those slightly older than them .