Sweatcoin Airdrop for US Users: Move & Earn $SWEAT Tokens!

• Sweat Economy launching Sweat Wallet app and SWEAT token in US
• Existing Sweatcoin app users to receive airdrop of SWEAT tokens
• Learn and Earn feature will allow users to generate $SWEAT tokens

Sweat Economy Launching in US

Sweat Economy is set to launch its Web3 move-to-earn project in the US. Its popular Sweatcoin app has reached 130 million users since its launch, allowing users to move with in-game currency. The launch of the Sweat Wallet application and its native token, SWEAT, will coincide with the first anniversary of the Web3 project’s global launch on September 12.

Airdrop for Existing Users

Existing Sweatcoin app users in the US will get an airdrop of SWEAT tokens in proportion to their current Sweatcoin holdings. Over 14 million users have already received tokens from the massive airdrop event. The team has emphasized that $SWEAT tokens for the US launch will not come from additional token emissions but from existing token allocations.

Learn and Earn Feature

The Learn and Earn feature within the Sweat Wallet app will allow users to generate more $SWEAT tokens. Players can also access NFT game, Sweat Hero within the app as well.

Regulatory Hurdles

Regulatory barriers had prevented the US launch of both Sweat Wallet and SWEAT tokens previously. As crypto regulations are getting stricter in America, there is concern that even free token airdrops may constitute securities offerings under some circumstances.


Sweat Economy hopes that by launching its project into America it can boost demand for both its application and native cryptocurrency token as it already has millions of loyal American users ready for it.