Optimism is No More: Ethereum Layer-2 Now Called OP Mainnet

• Optimism, a prominent Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, has changed its name to OP Mainnet.
• The reason for the name change is to distinguish between the blockchain and the organization.
• The “optimistic” in Optimism refers to fraud-proof technology that ensures transactions are valid on OP Mainnet.

Optimism Becomes OP Mainnet

Optimism, a prominent Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, has unexpectedly changed its official name. Now Optimism is known as “OP Mainnet” in order to differentiate between the blockchain and the organization behind it.

Reason for Name Change

The team explained their reasoning for coming up with a new name. They said there was a need to distinguish between Optimism’s blockchain and the rest of the organization in order to make clear their Superchain vision where „OP Mainnet is one L2 chain among many, communicating seamlessly with other chains like Base, Zora, and others.“ However, the word “optimism” will remain in their name nonetheless.

Meaning Behind „Optimistic“

The meaning behind „optimistic“ comes from how OP Mainnet works by default: all transactions are optimistically considered valid until someone posts evidence of fraud. This fraud-proof technology keeps transactions secure on OP mainnet layer 2 while still being executed off of Ethereum mainnet.

Benefits of Fraud-Proof Technology

Fraud-proof technology helps keep transactions secure by providing an extra layer of safety when executing them on layer 2 instead of Ethereum mainnet itself. This allows users to execute more complex transactions without having to worry about security issues or invalid transactions occurring due to bugs or malicious actors on the network.


In conclusion, Optimism’s unexpected name change from Optimism to OP Mainnet came with an explanation for why this was necessary: it was done in order separate their blockchain from their organization while still keeping some reference to optimism with its new name. Additionally, it makes use of fraud-proof technology which helps keep transactions secure when executing them off Ethereum mainnet on layer 2 networks such as OP Mainnet itself