Logarithm you have to go along with

Logarithm you have to go along with – Bitcoin soon at 300,000 US dollars?

The crypto analysts at Kraken are forecasting a ceiling between 75,000 – 306,000 US dollars for the current price cycle.

Analysts at crypto exchange Kraken conclude in their latest monthly situation report that Bitcoin (BTC) could reach a high between US$75,000 and US$306,000 before the end of this record run.

In their analysis report, the Bitcoin Champion crypto market researchers refer to a Bitcoin price chart in logarithmic representation (pages 14 and 15), in which interim highs and the lows of the subsequent declines are plotted.

From these values they in turn derive the further price development, which would thus enter the area of a ceiling formation at 75,000 US dollars. Here the high of the current record run should then crystallise, they say :

„Based on the previous price cycles, it is likely that Bitcoin will slowly continue to gain before bouncing higher and reaching a final resistance point that marks the end of the fourth major uptrend.“

However, the range in which this ceiling formation is completed is broad, according to the Kraken analysts‘ forecast. To determine this value more precisely, they first calculate the bottom, which they estimate will occur in a period of 365 days after the end of February 2021. They see a price of 30,000 US dollars as a possible bottom.

Starting from this low point, the crypto market researchers venture a more precise calculation of the possible high points by tracing various scenarios for the „retracement“, i.e. the downturn, to this low.

So if Bitcoin were to slide in this uptrend by retracing 70% back to $30,000, it would need a high of $102,000 beforehand.

A 90 % decline would in turn require the market-leading cryptocurrency to reach a new record high of 306,000 US dollars. Even the average downturn after the previous major uptrends, which is 86 %, would mean a price target of 221,000 US dollars. Accordingly, the analysts conclude that Bitcoin is „still far away“ from the top of the current cycle.

Moreover, the research report shows that the first quarter of 2021 was the third best quarter ever for the crypto market leader in terms of percentage return and volatility.

March is actually historically bad for Bitcoin, as only twice so far has the cryptocurrency been able to end the month with a relative gain over the previous month.

On average, growth in March was 11% weaker than in February

In addition, the analysts note that Bitcoin is currently performing similarly to the first quarter of 2013, which was the strongest Q1 in the history of the cryptocurrency so far. The two quarters have a correlation of 0.82, which could be additional evidence that Bitcoin is still on an upward trend.

As we go to press, the price has now managed to end five months in a row with a gain, something that has only been achieved once before, and that was in the run-up to the boom of 2017 and the subsequent long-term record high. So is Bitcoin possibly on the verge of such a price explosion again? If Kraken has its way, the answer is clearly positive.

Settimana della crittografia: Bitcoin colpisce $49k in una settimana selvaggia con Tesla e il sindaco di Miami

Nuovi massimi di tutti i tempi sono stati raggiunti in quella che è stata una settimana selvaggia per il Bitcoin e i mercati delle criptovalute.

Tutto è iniziato lunedì 8 febbraio, quando Elon Musk ha annunciato che la sua società Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), aveva acquistato 1,5 miliardi di dollari in Bitcoin System. Questo ha causato il più grande guadagno giornaliero nei prezzi del BTC, con un’impennata di 7.500 dollari ai massimi storici, ma il divertimento non era ancora finito.

Nelle prime contrattazioni in Asia venerdì 12 febbraio, i prezzi del Bitcoin hanno raggiunto i loro livelli più alti di sempre di 49.000 dollari, secondo Tradingview.com. La mossa ha segnato un guadagno del 9% nella giornata per l’asset che da allora si è ritirato a 47.500 dollari al momento della scrittura.

L’ultimo picco di prezzo ha spinto la capitalizzazione di mercato completamente diluita di Bitcoin a un trilione di dollari, che rende l’asset ora più grande di Tesla e Facebook, secondo Companiesmarketcap.com.

Il sindaco di Miami vuole gli stipendi di Bitcoin

La massiccia mossa per Bitcoin, che non interessa ancora Uber, ha coinciso con un discorso del sindaco di Miami Francis Suarez, che ha dichiarato che la città intende procurare un fornitore per offrire ai dipendenti la possibilità di ricevere una parte dei loro stipendi in Bitcoin.

Ha aggiunto che questo permette ai residenti di pagare le tasse in Bitcoin e permetterebbe anche di pagare le tasse in Bitcoin, dicendo;

„La città di Miami sostiene gli sforzi per rendere Bitcoin una valuta accettabile per noi per investire potenzialmente in futuro. È meraviglioso essere una città molto cripto-avanzata a Miami“.

L’esperto del settore e imprenditore Anthony Pompliano ha poi aggiunto che l’adozione di Bitcoin è una questione di sicurezza nazionale per gli Stati Uniti;

„È una questione di sicurezza nazionale che gli Stati Uniti abbraccino e adottino Bitcoin. L’unico modo per rimanere in posizione di leadership sulla scena globale è quello di garantire che noi beneficiamo del protocollo aperto e decentralizzato. Qualsiasi cosa di meno sarà catastrofica per il paese“.

Presa istituzionale di BTC

Il più grande fondo crypto del mondo, Grayscale, nel frattempo, ha aggiunto al suo Bitcoin Trust, che ora ha oltre 30 miliardi di dollari investiti in esso. Il suo patrimonio totale in gestione ha raggiunto il record di 36,8 miliardi di dollari.

Grayscale ha anche depositato i trust per diversi asset DeFi, tra cui MakerDAO, Yearn Finance, Compound Finance, SushiSwap, e Synthetix. Alla fine di gennaio, ha registrato LLCs per Uniswap, Polkadot, Aave, e Cosmos, indicando un perno su asset basati sulla finanza decentralizzata per prodotti di investimento.

Bitcoin whales benefit from „weak hands“ in the BTC bull run

Bitcoin is being bought up by „millionaires“ more and more, as data shows.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) is quickly being bought up by the whales after falling to $ 32,000. This means that only millionaires benefit from the decline, as data shows.

Glassnode wallet balance statistics on Jan. 11 show that investors who buy the decline have more than 1,000 BTC ($ 36 million) in their possession.

„Millionaire“ wallets continue to grow

Elias Simos, a protocol specialist at the blockchain infrastructure provider Bison Trails, has compiled these statistics. The numbers suggest that the wealthy benefited from Bitcoin sales by smaller investors in December and January.

„Addresses with more than $ 1,000 BTC continue to grow with the help of everyone else. This is also the case in this downturn,“ summarizes Simos.

„While you were selling, whales devoured your bitcoin.“

The number of wallets with smaller holdings declined as the BTC / USD pair climbed from $ 19,000 on December 1 to its recent highs of $ 42,000. The group with 1,000 and more BTC, however, has grown.

So the effect is that weak hands sell to strong hands. And the richer the organization behind it, the stronger the hands.

„Do not participate in the #BTC transfer to billionaires, corporations and hedge funds. At least not yet,“ warned entrepreneur Alistair Milne his Twitter followers in response to Simo’s post.

Guggenheim hints at BTC sale

Institutional purchases have become more common in Bitcoin in recent months. However, analysts expressed concern that one of them had shown signs of „weak hands“.

As Cointelegraph reported , Guggenheim Partners is apparently already planning to sell some bitcoins. The company announced in late November that it had invested a substantial amount in Bitcoin . Investment director Scott Minerd said Monday that Bitcoin’s decline over the weekend gave cause for reconsideration.

„Bitcoin’s parabolic surge is unsustainable in the short term,“ he wrote . „Vulnerable to a setback.“

„The targeted technical plus of 35,000 US dollars has been exceeded. Time to take some money out again.“
His statements confused market participants. The reason for this decision was questioned in the reactions , as Guggenheim had only got on board a few weeks earlier.

„Investment manager of a large company that trades in BTC every day? Should last at least 5-10 years,“ argued macro investor Dan Tapeiro.

Institutional acceptance comes amid a general lack of supply for Bitcoin. The demand from large buyers is already exceeding the monthly production capacity of the miners. At the same time, the miners have sold more in the last few days. According to one theory, some of them cash out their well-deserved winnings at or near all-time highs.

The Shapeshift crypto exchange integrates several DEXes, and relieves the user’s KYC load

The new DEX ramps will offer users access to new assets, as well as greater liquidity and security.

The ShapeShift non-custodial crypto currency exchange today announces the integration of nearly a dozen decentralized exchange protocols (DEX), a measure designed to relieve both the enterprise and users of KYC loads, while simultaneously offering traders superior liquidity, pricing, asset availability and security.

Prior to the integrations, ShapeShift required users to undergo a KYC process in order for the company to remain compliant, as the exchange served as a counterpart to the users‘ trading. In an interview with Cointelegraph, ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees said that the regulated services will continue to trade assets that are not currently available through DEX, such as native Bitcoin, but that „all non-DEX trading in ShapeShift will be phased out“ later this year.

The OKEx mainnet entered the Genesis phase with 10 million OKT tokens issued

„By integrating our users directly into the DEX trade, it means we are no longer part of the trade; we are not a custodian, counterparty or intermediary of any kind at any step of the process,“ Voorhees said. „Therefore, we are purely a software technology company, and in this capacity we are not regulated because we are not involved in a regulated activity.

According to Voorhees, the new supported DEXes include the popular decentralized finance protocols (DeFi) „Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, Bancor, Kyber, 0x, mStable“ as well as a half dozen others. In addition, the list of integrations „will continue to expand as DEX technology allows.

Blockchain Certified Courses for Lawyers and Compliance up to its 16th edition online version

The ShapeShift movement is part of a broader trend of exchanges, wallets and other cryptoservices that provide access to DeFi platforms; a movement, according to Voorhees, born out of the maturation of a DeFi ecosystem that „is rapidly becoming superior to the status quo.

Voorhees indicates, however, that he is suspicious of „centralized custody services“ that provide access ramps to the DeFi sector, also known as „CeDeFi,“ a phenomenon Voorhees believes will be short-lived.

Andreessen Horowitz joins protest against FinCEN’s crypto-currency rules

„They are incompatible, because they have to censor users and put in place access controls. For example, a centralized exchange in Venezuela is restricted by capital controls, while in DeFi it is not (a decentralized protocol operates exactly the same in Venezuela as anywhere else)“.

In contrast, Voorhees argues that non-custodial services such as Shapeshift are a more natural fit for DeFi integrations, and as such these initial DEX integrations could also be the basis for a broader set of ramifications to more varied DeFi products, including, Voorhees suggested, a decentralized Bitcoin exchange service.

Ultimately, providing these services to users is not an advantage, but a market reality.

„Two or three years ago, decentralized trading existed, but it wasn’t liquid or easy enough to be convincing at scale,“ he said.

„That has changed, and as the industry evolves, we too must always work in the interest of our users and towards advancing self-sufficient finance.

El volumen de Bitcoin explota cuando el BTC

El volumen de Bitcoin explota cuando el BTC apunta a 35.000 dólares

  • Mientras Bitcoin se acerca a los 35.000 dólares, el volumen de comercio ha explotado.
  • El volumen de operaciones de Bitcoin ha aumentado más del 100% en las últimas 24 horas.
  • No parece haber inmediatamente un catalizador singular que cause este crecimiento de la noche a la mañana.

El Proyecto Fideicomiso es un consorcio internacional de organizaciones de noticias que construye estándares de transparencia.

2021 está empezando muy bien para Bitcoin, ya que continúa rompiendo los altos precios de siempre.

Ahora, mientras el precio de Bitcoin se acerca a los 35.000 dólares, estamos alcanzando niveles de volumen masivo que apenas se han visto antes. En las últimas 24 horas, Bitcoin ha subido alrededor del 15 por ciento. Sin embargo, es el aumento de volumen lo que es chocante. Según CoinMarketCap, el mayor agregador de Bitcoin Circuit capitalización de mercado de criptografía en línea, el volumen de Bitcoin ha aumentado casi un 104% en las últimas 24 horas. Esto es trascendental, ya que este aumento en el volumen, además de un importante crecimiento de los precios, es un signo extremadamente alcista para la mayor criptodivisa del mundo.

¿Qué es lo que está causando este aumento masivo de volumen?

Uno de los factores más interesantes de este fuerte aumento es que no hay un catalizador inmediatamente identificable. Desde principios de año, Bitcoin ya ha subido más del 20 por ciento. Sin embargo, Bitcoin ya estaba viendo precios altos diarios/semanales de todos los tiempos incluso antes de que empezara el 2021.

Una posible razón para este aumento de precios es el FOMO, o el miedo a perderse. Dado que el aumento de Bitcoin se está convirtiendo en una noticia dominante en todo el mundo, los inversores y especuladores pueden sentir que si no compran Bitcoin ahora, continuarán perdiéndose las enormes ganancias de precios.

Un punto a considerar es que este aumento de volumen de la noche a la mañana tuvo lugar de un sábado a un domingo. Por lo tanto, es posible que los inversores institucionales y sus empleados no estuvieran trabajando. Eso deja este aumento de volumen a los inversores minoristas.

El apoyo de interés institucional

Este encierro de Bitcoin es fundamentalmente diferente al anterior encierro de precio de todos los tiempos en 2017 en casi todos los sentidos. En 2017, los inversores minoristas impulsaron el mercado. Cuando el precio alcanzó un máximo de 20.000 dólares, cayó rápidamente y no fue capaz de mantener el soporte. Esta corrida alcista es diferente porque los inversionistas institucionales y empresariales la están impulsando, en general.

Tomemos por ejemplo a MicroStategy, una de las mayores empresas de inteligencia de negocios que cotizan en bolsa en el mundo. Michael Saylor, el CEO de MicroStrategy, era extremadamente escéptico respecto a Bitcoin, pero en agosto de 2020, se convirtió en uno de los mayores defensores de Bitcoin. Debido a la incertidumbre económica, la devaluación del dólar, la inflación, las coberturas y otros factores, Saylor tomó la decisión ejecutiva de utilizar la tesorería de reserva de MicroStrategy para comprar Bitcoin. Esta compra creció de manera incremental, con MicroStrategy recaudando 650 millones de dólares a través de una oferta de deuda para comprar Bitcoin.

Hay muchas otras compañías que se integran o invierten en Bitcoin, a veces hasta decenas o cientos de millones de dólares. PayPal, Square y Mass Mutual también han empezado a involucrarse con Bitcoin y las criptodivisas. Esto podría marcar el ritmo para el resto de la industria financiera.

Todo esto puede hablar de por qué Bitcoin ha visto todos los tiempos precios altos y aumentos regulares de precios. Sin embargo, no explica exactamente el crecimiento del volumen de la noche a la mañana. Puede que no haya un factor obvio que haya causado esta explosión en el volumen. Sin embargo, los factores que llevaron a ello son innegables.

Cathie Wood: Bitcoin når lätt en halv miljon

Många människor fortsätter att tänka att bitcoin skulle kunna nå sin högsta nivå på ungefär 20000 dollar i slutet av året. En annan analytiker på Citibank publicerade en ny rapport som hävdade att Bitcoin Profit potentiellt skulle kunna kunna nå ett pris på $ 318 000 i slutet av 2021.

Det är uppenbart att alla tror att bitcoinens framtid kommer att bli ljus, men för en annan person – Ark Investment CEO Cathie Wood – bitcoin är verkligen pengarnas framtid, och alla dessa andra förutsägelser trumpas av hennes tro att kryptovalutan så småningom kan nå en jättestor siffra på ungefär 500 000 dollar per enhet.

Cathie Wood: $ 500.000 är verkligen möjligt

Utan tvekan har bitcoin gjort mycket bra. Medan det hade ett skakande par månader under första halvåret 2020 lyckades valutan så småningom återhämta sig från sina tidigare droppar under sommaren och steg så småningom utöver nivån på 9000 dollar. Nu handlas det för dubbelt så mycket, efter att ha överträffat $ 18 000-nivån de senaste dagarna, men det här är ingenting jämfört med där Wood tror att valutan kan gå.

I ett nyligen genomfört virtuellt investeringsmöte som inrättades av Barron’s, deltog Wood i seminariet och uttryckte sina tankar om bitcoin och sa att även om valutan verkligen har ökat med mer än 150 procent, kan detta lätt bara vara en startpunkt för världens nummer en kryptovaluta efter marknadsvärde.

Hon sa att Fed har försökt hålla räntorna låga, vilket i slutändan har gjort det möjligt för den digitala valutan att öka och lysa under det senaste året. Det betraktas nu som en häck mot inflationen, som enligt många analytiker har spritt sig i år, delvis tack vare att koronavirusfall har ökat över hela världen.

Dessutom påpekade hon att många institutionella investerare har blivit engagerade i bitcoin, och att detta sannolikt kommer att inspirera många andra att följa efter. Hon sa att situationen påminner om när institutioner först började göra investeringar i fastigheter och andra mindre marknader. Inledningsvis började saker med investeringar på ungefär 0,5 procent. Inget större. På kort tid började dock dessa institutioner göra investeringar på ungefär fem procent eller mer i dessa branscher.

Institutioner kommer att bli mer engagerade

Hon säger att om institutioner fortsätter sin nuvarande väg med bitcoin och bedriver små, ensiffriga investeringar i den digitala valutan, kommer tillgången inte att ha några problem att nå ett pris på ungefär $ 400 000 eller $ 500 000 under de kommande åren.

Det enda som potentiellt skrämmer både analytiker och investerare är tanken att bitcoin verkar följa sina 2017-mönster till en tee. Vid slutet av det året steg valutan till ungefär $ 20K per enhet, men vid ungefär samma tid året därpå hade priset sjunkit till mitten av $ 3000-nivån, och det kan finnas en viss oro för att samma händelse skulle kunna inträffa efter introduktionen av 2021.

METACO executive: current crypto regulations are more favourable to large institutions

Crypto regulation has made great strides this year, but according to Seamus Donoghue, an executive at METACO, there is still a lot of uncertainty

Regulators have been in dialogue with the crypto world at multiple levels this year. Government agencies have provided clarity, enforced regulations and discussed new actions. According to Seamus Donoghue, vice-president of sales and business development at METACO, this regulation has had a broad impact on the industry, in part by influencing large players entering the sector.

Donoghue told Cointelegraph:

„Regulatory barriers for institutions decreased globally in 2020, and we expect the trend to continue in 2021.“

In 2020, the crypto world welcomed the entry of mainstream financial giants into the sector: MicroStrategy, MassMutual and Square are just three examples.

Some regulatory impositions, however, pose a threat to the industry. According to some rumours, outgoing US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin may ban self-custodian wallets or impose tracking requirements before the end of the year.

Donoghue commented:

„There have been strong concerns about the new and burdensome regulations proposed at the last minute by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, and the recently announced STABLE Act appears to fail to recognise the immense value that decentralised finance could provide to those without access to banking services. These regulations remain worrisome in the short term.“

A few weeks ago, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib introduced a new bill to regulate stablecoins, called the STABLE Act, which would significantly tighten the requirements imposed on companies offering stablecoins or related services.

Erick Pinos, ecosystem lead for the Americas at Ontology, told Cointelegraph: „We’re past the stage where we were wondering when crypto regulation was going to come. He then cited the recent STABLE Act and rumours of possible moves by Secretary Mnuchin:

„These choices would be a step backwards for cryptocurrency adoption, and it’s so important for the community to actively advocate to policymakers so that better regulations are put in place to keep people safe without stifling technological progress.“
Placing restrictions on crypto wallets flies in the face of some of the industry’s most important values, such as the ability of users to control their own funds without any central entity.

De CEO van Coinbase vertelt gebruikers om op te letten tijdens de Bitcoin-rally

Bitcoin is de laatste tijd in het nieuws omdat de prijzen de $ 23.000 overschreden, een belangrijk psychologisch niveau. Brian Armstrong, CEO van Coinbase, heeft vandaag een bericht gedeeld over ‚ cryptomarktrally ’s‘.

Terwijl de CEO de huidige rally prees en hoe nieuwsorganisaties de prijsstijging van Bitcoin Evolution bespraken, geloofde hij dat crypto „een baanbrekende innovatie“ was.

Armstrong drong er bij klanten op aan te begrijpen dat investeren in cryptovaluta ’niet zonder risico‘ was

Hij voegde eraan toe dat crypto volatieler kan zijn dan traditionele financiële instrumenten en informeerde gebruikers dat cryptomarkten veel sneller zouden kunnen bewegen dan aandelenmarkten.

Hij waarschuwde beleggers, die zich concentreerden op speculatie op korte termijn, om de risico’s die gepaard gaan met beleggen in cryptocurrencies beter te begrijpen. Hij moedigde klanten aan om middelen te zoeken en zelfs financiële adviseurs te raadplegen, en zei:

Voor degenen die in het potentieel van crypto geloven, moeten we ook allemaal geloven dat we nog in de prilfase zitten en dat er nog veel meer gaat komen

Gisteren, toen Bitcoin $ 20.000 overschreed, gingen verschillende Coinbase-klanten naar Twitter om technische problemen te melden tijdens het gebruik van het platform. Snel genoeg, de Coinbase team publiceerde een update die het werd “onderzoekt momenteel de kwestie.”

Hoewel Armstrong niet direct inging op de problemen van gisteren, merkte hij op dat hoewel het team „af en toe tekortschoot“, zij de tekortkomingen van het bedrijf „transparant“ aanpakken. Armstrong schreef ook dat het Coinbase-team hard heeft gewerkt om klanten te helpen weloverwogen handelsbeslissingen te nemen, vooral tijdens „extreme“ tijden zoals de huidige marktrally.

Ondertussen is de prijs van Bitcoin de afgelopen 24 uur met 13,4% gestegen en was op het moment van schrijven $ 23.479,34 waard, met een 24-uurs handelsvolume van $ 56.889.259.280.


Die Auswahl des richtigen Brokers ist leichter gesagt als getan. Einem Unternehmen Ihr Geld anzuvertrauen, ist nicht einfach, denn nach der Einzahlung ist Ihr Eigentum völlig verloren. Sie müssen auch darauf vertrauen, dass sie alle Glocken und Pfeifen haben, die Sie brauchen, Zugang zu den richtigen, attraktiven Vermögenswerten und Aufträge, die ohne Schlupf oder hohe Kosten ausgeführt werden.

Das ist eine Menge, um in einem Meer von Konkurrenz zu finden. Doch Konkurrenz belebt das Geschäft, und so hat ein neuer Broker aus Zypern begonnen, sich einen guten Ruf für Zuverlässigkeit und solide Renditen aufzubauen. Hier ist, warum Brokereo schnell zu einer Top-Wahl für Trader und Investoren wird.


Brokereo ist eine hochmoderne, preisgekrönte All-in-One-Lösung für Trader. Der Handel ist über eine Webtrader-Plattform, eine kostenlose mobile App oder über den branchenweit besten Meta Trader 4-Standard möglich.

Die Plattform ist vor allem für ihre Zuverlässigkeit bekannt und führt Trades blitzschnell mit durchschnittlich 1 Sekunde aus. Die Spreads beginnen bereits bei 0,4 Pips, und für professionelle Kunden werden CFDs mit einem Hebel von bis zu 1:500 angeboten.


Benutzer können ihre Konten in nur drei einfachen Schritten erstellen. Das nimmt sehr wenig Zeit und Mühe in Anspruch. Handelskonten haben unterschiedliche Status, nämlich Retail und Professional, mit drei verschiedenen Kontotypen, die von Silber, Gold und Platin reichen, wobei jeder eine einzigartige Reihe von Vorteilen bietet.

Je höher die Stufe, desto niedriger ist der Spread. Höhere Stufen beinhalten auch einen Swap-Rabatt von bis zu 50% und fügen einen engagierten Kontomanager hinzu, zusätzlich zum 24/5 Live-Support, Montag-Freitag: 08:00 bis 17:00 GMT.

Professionelle Konten müssen beantragt werden, heben aber viele der Beschränkungen für Retail-Handelskonten auf, wie z.B. die Erhöhung des Hebels auf bis zu 1:500.


Brokereo ist ein lizenzierter Broker aus Zypern, der CFDs auf Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin Pro und Ethereum und viele mehr, Forex-Währungen wie USD und EUR, Aktien und Indizes, Edelmetalle, Rohstoffe und mehr anbietet.

Alle der heute beliebtesten Finanzinvestitionen, einschließlich Bitcoin, Öl, Gold, der Dow, S&P 500 sind für den Handel mit zusätzlichen Hebeln, Short- und Long-Positionen und vieles mehr verfügbar.


Was Brokereo wirklich vom Rest der Finanzindustrie-Plattformen abhebt, ist das robuste Bildungszentrum, das jedem Trader zur Verfügung steht.

Zu den verfügbaren Daten gehören ein Wirtschaftskalender, tägliche Nachrichten, Artikel, Videos auf Abruf und eine Fülle von nützlichem Wissen, das zur Verbesserung des Erfolgs und zur Reduzierung des Risikos genutzt werden kann.


Zu guter Letzt bietet Brokereo auch ein lukratives Partnerprogramm an, das bis zu 800 € Prämie für jeden an die Plattform geworbenen Trader bietet.


Brokereo ist als All-in-One-Lösung der Konkurrenz meilenweit voraus. Da die Plattform Auszeichnungen mit nach Hause nimmt und in allen Bereichen der Finanzwelt lizenziert ist, gehört sie heute zu den vertrauenswürdigsten Handelslösungen.

Das nächste Mal, wenn Sie erwägen, einen neuen Broker auszuprobieren, wählen Sie Brokereo, da es alle Tools hat, die Retail-Trader und Profis brauchen.


Hash War: Mystery Miner’s Empty Block Attack rende la nuova blockchain di ABC quasi inutilizzabile

Secondo vari rapporti, la catena pro-IFP di Bitcoin ABC è stata „attaccata“ per diversi giorni consecutivi. Il minatore misterioso ha estratto un gran numero di blocchi sequenziali, ma quasi tutti erano vuoti. Il minatore che si fa chiamare „Voluntarism.dev“ dice che l’operazione mineraria è un gruppo di „minatori della vecchia guardia“ e afferma che possono interferire con la catena di minoranza ABC per anni.

‚Il prezzo della libertà è ripido‘

La comunità delle criptovalute ha osservato le conseguenze della recente biforcazione della blockchain, che ha visto il nodo ABC di Bitcoin biforcarsi nella propria blockchain. La rete Bitcoin ABC è ancora senza nome e senza marchio e il token è spesso indicato come „ABC“, „BCHA“ o „BAB“.

La scorsa settimana, news.Bitcoin.com ha riferito di un minatore stealth che ha estratto un gran numero di blocchi vuoti consecutivi. Poiché i blocchi sono rimasti vuoti per così tanto tempo, è stato difficile per chiunque inviare una transazione sulla catena ABC e ottenere la conferma della transazione in modo tempestivo.

Hash War:

Mystery Miner’s Empty Block Attack rende la nuova blockchain di ABC quasi inutilizzabile
Si presume che Voluntarism.dev, operatore di mystery mining pool, controlli il 90% dell’hashrate della catena ABC sabato 28 novembre 2020.

Dal rapporto della nostra redazione, il minatore misterioso ha introdotto il gruppo su Twitter con il nome dell’account Voluntarism.dev e attraverso i messaggi dei parametri coinbase ogni volta che il pool trova una ricompensa di blocco ABC. Il 24 novembre 2020, l’account Twitter di Voluntarism.dev ha creato un messaggio con una firma blockchain per verificarne la legittimità.

Lo stesso giorno il minatore ha twittato: „le buone idee non richiedono forza“ e il giorno seguente il gruppo ha twittato un messaggio ad altri minatori indicando hashrate alla catena ABC. Voluntarism.dev ha detto:

Spero che tutti i minatori siano d’accordo: vorremmo che il 100% del premio coinbase BCHA andasse a pqnqv9lt7e5vjyp0w88zf2af0l92l8rxdgnlxww9j9.